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15 AUG, 1947 :

India attains independence.

22/23 DEC 1949 :

Hindus break into the Babri Masjid in the dark of the night and install idols of rama inside the Masjid. The state govt. attaches the disputed site in order to prevent the outbreak of disorder and bars Muslims from approaching within a distance of 180 meters (200 yards) of the masjid. But Hindus continue to worship their idols inside the Babri Masjid, first cladesinely and gradually not so cladestinely. The District Magistrate K. K. Nair who had masterminded the opersation was on retirement elected to Lok Sabha.

JAN 1950 TO APR 1955:

A temporary induction issued restraining the disputing parties from removing the and idols from and interfering with religious ceremonies outside the sanctum sanctorum.

DEC 1985 :

A Hindu delegation serves notice on the UP state chief minister that unless tthe builiding is handed over to them by 8 March 1989, they will launch a movement to forcibly occupy it.

1st FEB 1986 :

The district judge orders the admininstration to open the main gate of the Babri MAsjid to the Hindus because its "clousure" violates their 'right of worship'.

MAY 1989 :

VHP (Vishw Hindu Parishad) announces a program to raise a Rs 250 million temple at the disputed site.

JUN 1989 :

The BJP National executive urges goverment to hand over the site to Hindus;

OCT 1989 :

VHP calls off its proposed march to Ayodhya but decides to go ahead with Shilanyas.

NOV 1989 :

The Allahbad High Court rules that the Shilanyas site is disputed and urges status quo.

NOV 1989 :

Shylanyas conducted at Ayodhya.

JAN 1990 :

VHP announces the decision to begin the temple construction from Feburary 14th.

FEB 1990 :

VHP defers any action for four months.

JUN 1990 :

VHP meeting at Haridwar decides to begin construction from Oct 30.

SEP 1990 :

BJP leader L. K. Advani begins Somnath-Ayodhya Rath Yatra.

OCT 1990:

BJP thretens to withdraw support to V.P. Singh Goverment at centre if Rath Yatra is stopped. Goverment promulated ordanance acquiring the disputed land. Advani is arrested and BJP withdraws support to the V.P. Goverment.

FEB 1991 :

Talks between Babri Masjid Actions Commitee and VHP breakdown.

NOV 1992 :

Talks between Babri Masjid Actions Commitee and VHP resumed but no agreement is reached.

DEC 1992:

Babri Masjid Attains Shahadat.